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Fertigation: It’s Not Just for the Pros Anymore

Many human health experts suggest that one of the most important things we can do to help maintain optimum health is to eat smaller, more frequent meals. But did you know that the same principle applies to your lawn and landscape too? Conventional lawn fertilization often results in cycles of over and under feeding that ends up wasting your hard-earned money and over-burdening our already fragile environment.

Fertigation is the process of feeding your lawn or landscape regular, lighter nutrient applications every time you water. It offers big benefits to the environment over conventional lawn fertilization by “spoon-feeding” your lawn’s root zone with only what it can use now – it’s these frequent, light feedings that are the key to virtually eliminating fertilizer waste and runoff in your quest for the greenest, most eco-friendly lawn on the block.

Large-scale fertigation technology has been used in the golf and agricultural industries for decades but in recent years a few innovative companies have developed smaller, less expensive residential units, like the Add-It® and the Fertilizer Caddy® proportioning fertilizer injectors that are designed to work using a high-quality liquid organic fertilizer like BCWC Organic’s Turf Rescue™. Together, they allow the average homeowner to get the same environmental and cost-saving benefits that professional turf managers have grown to rely on.

While fertigation won’t take the place of sound soil care practices, it will make responsible home lawn fertilization easier and more accessible while preserving our health and waterways. – Omar Thomas, BCWC Organics


Add-It® and Fertilizer Caddy® fertilizer injectors range in size from a small pint capacity unit that attaches easily to a hose bib or garden valve, up to a 5 gallon capacity injector with a 2” inlet/outlet.

Benefits of fertigation:

  • Thicker, greener lawn
  • Increased soil health and fertility
  • Stronger, deeper root system
  • Better defense against disease and pests
  • Greater absorption of nutrients

• Increased organic matter in soil

Product Highlight: Soil Tonic™

Soil Tonic™ is a compost extract that is a 100% natural and safe choice to wake up your lawn and garden soil. It’s safe enough to use where children and pets play, and near environmentally-sensitive areas. This concentrated liquid soil amendment interacts with the root system of plants to create optimal conditions for increased growth, vigor, and health.

Well-made, weed-free compost can be expensive, hard to find, and bulky to transport. Soil Tonic’s easy-to-use liquid supplies the same benefits as compost. It can be used in all stages of plant and crop growth and for all types of landscaping needs.

Soil Tonic’s proprietary formula is made from environmentally responsible ingredients and is non-toxic and non-polluting. Soil Tonic™ raises soil fertility and biological properties, while protecting and encouraging deeper root growth and reducing transplant shock. Contact us to discuss customization according to your soil test results and/or specific needs.

Soil Tonic™ is an affordable, easy-to-use, environmentally-friendly, safe product for your lawn and garden.