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Organic Lawn, Berwyn, Pennsylvania

Health Lawns - Organic Lawn, Berwyn, Pennsylvania

It’s a myth that you can’t have a lush, green, weed-free lawn organically.

This property was taken organic in 2010 by Organixx llc. The organic lawn care program included applications of:
– Premium compost annually.
– Organixx Bio-Blend, a special recipe of compost tea.
– Avenger herbicide (spot-treatment only).
– Organic fertilizer.
– Corn gluten meal for pre-emergent weed control.

This lawn had been chemically treated for over 10 years. The compost tea was used to bioremediate the chemical residues and restore the chemically ravaged soil microbiology. The compost was used to fertilize and rebuild soil microbiology.

Cultural practices played an important role in the program. The lawn was mowed biweekly at 4” height. This practice creates a deeper root system (the taller the grass, the
deeper the root system). The deep-rooted turfgrass is able to choke out weeds and handle drought conditions.

The result of the program is a lush green lawn without using pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

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