Healthy Lawns

Healthy Lawns 101

Many people have no idea what the term organic means. They often ask,
“Why do you buy organic? It is so expensive” “aren’t trees and grass already organic?”

Healthy Lawns 101

healthylawnsWhy Go Green?

Turf, by design, is unnatural as far as ecosystems go, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have options for managing it ecologically and responsibly. Professionals who take their commitment to the environment seriously have many new tools at their disposal that allow them to strike a balance between the desire for perfectly manicured turf grass and environmental responsibility.

healthylawnsCase Study

There are two real costs to consider when evaluating a maintenance plan for your property. A truly organic program saves you money over time because you can reduce the amount of inputs needed.

healthylawnsFrequently Asked Questions

Discover the ins-and-outs of the mechanics behind your lawn.

How to Keep

Your Lawn

Green and Clean

Our current model for managing tens of millions of acres of home lawns could be easily changed to a sustainable model. The use of short, no-mow grasses could save the U.S. tens of billions of dollars per year in maintenance costs. In addition, if yards were managed organically, we could reduce the dumping of millions of pounds of pesticides each year. This in turn could contribute to a decrease in the incidence of diseases which have been linked to exposure to toxins in the environment.

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Healthy Lawns